Monthly Archive: May 2017

#36 Narcissism – A Night With Ed Sheeran Before He Was Famous, Social Media and Self-Esteem, Fake Fitness Instagrammers

Stephen’s tale of his night with Ed Sheeran before he was famous is particularly interesting. Sometimes we think famous people are these larger than life demi gods that we could never be like. Often conscientiousness – organisation, motivation, focus, timeliness, consistency, the hustle – is all that’s behind their success. And that...

#35 Narcissism – Pooing in Thailand, Sexy Urinating Girls, Kegel Exercises, Rolfing Pt 1

We are narcissistic. You might be too. Listen as we go deeper on our gaping flaws. I have a feeling you’re going to enjoy the change in honesty and the reduction in preaching. We are just two average dudes trying to get better at life day by day. We are no...

#33 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Will Make Your Life Better!! – Pt 1

Cognitive behavioral therapy, otherwise known as CBT,  is a psychosocial intervention that is the most widely used evidence-based practice for treating mental disorders and it’s highly effective. Enjoy, Yasin.