Monthly Archive: October 2018

Andrew White

Andrew White – 18 Year Old Comedian Tells His Story

In this episode, we interview a young, up-and-coming comedian called Andrew White. Andrew is from Salisbury in the UK and is a mere 18 years old. Andrew’s career has taken off like a rocket and he has had two sold-out solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Andrew makes tons...

Russell Brand

Russell Brand – the Misconception of Attraction

Russell Brand originally became famous as a television presenter and comedian. He still does stand-up but has replaced TV presenting with podcast-hosting. His excellent podcast tackles big philosophical, spiritual and political issues. A master seducer, his techniques fly in the face of the pickup community, yet their efficacy cannot be...

You're Probably Wrong

You’re Probably Wrong About Lots of Things!

There’s so much valuable information to be learned when you approach the world with an open mind. When you are curious and willing to be wrong, wisdom accrues.   Too many of us are calcified into opinions that we defend with all our might. We have little interest in changing...

Fail forward

Fail Forward – How to Learn From Your Experiences

Making the same mistakes, again and again, is extremely frustrating. But unfortunately, it’s something most of us do to some extent. In order to stop repeating the same mistakes, we must learn to fail forward.   It is very satisfying to finally put a bad habit to bed, to grow...


8 Ways to Be Less Self-Obsessed

Far too many of us are self-obsessed.   Self-obsession is an epidemic in the modern world. New technologies and the comfort of modern life give us too much opportunity for self-obsessing.   Self-obsession is a trap it’s all too easy to fall into. And it can bring us great harm....