Monthly Archive: November 2018

9 Beliefs that will ruin your life

9 Beliefs That Will Ruin Your Life

The things we believe about the world, life, and ourselves have a giant impact on us. Certain beliefs help us to get on in life, to be happy and do well. While other beliefs hold us back, making us anxious, depressed and ineffective.   It is very helpful to weed...

Achieving Financial Freedom

Achieving Financial Independence With DiverseFI.com

Doc G is a personal finance blogger and medical doctor from Chicago, Illinois. On his excellent blog DiverseFI.com he writes about personal finance, achieving financial independence, as well as about big life issues such as making your dreams come true, motivation, and how to be happy.   In this episode...

Phil Knight

Phil Knight & Nike’s 10 Rules For Success

Phil Knight is the founder and owner of the most successful sportswear brand on Earth; Nike. His book, Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE, details his extraordinary life and rise to monumental business success.   The book in packed with interesting anecdotes and invaluable success principles.  ...