Monthly Archive: December 2018

Russell Brand & Candace Owen

Russell Brand and Candace Owens – The Perils of High Intelligence

When a person has high intelligence they are often especially prone to denial and rationalisation. Highly-intelligent people tend to be able to convince themselves of anything, even untruths. Because they have such powerful brains highly intelligent people are good at coming up with arguments for positions that they want to...

The Law of Refraction

The Law Of Refraction – When Truth Is NOT Where It Seems To Be

What Is Refraction? Refraction is a term in physics that refers to the change in direction of a wave when it passes from one medium to another. This phenomenon is most easily recognised in the case of light waves. Examples Of Refraction An example of refraction is when an object...

The Dog Philosophy

The Dog Philosophy – How To Ask For What You Want

Being a human can be a complicated business. We have wants, desires, needs and preferences. Many of these go unfulfilled. This is often due to our own inability to egolessly, shamelessly, and healthily ask for what we want. Human minds are complex and often clouded by self-doubt, unnecessary shame and...

Integrative Therapy

Integrative Psychology – Noel Bell

Noel Bell is a London-based therapist who practices integrative psychology. He has been obsessed with the human mind and its infinite array of madnesses, quirks, maladies, dark corners, and unknowables since he was a young boy. So it was only natural that Noel would study psychology and become a professional...

Get Through Any Stressful Situation

10 Mindsets to Get You Through ANY Stressful Situation

1 There are certain core mindsets that are applicable across the board, in all areas of endeavour. Situations of importance can cause us stress. When there is something at stake pressure mounts, and anxiety and stress often creep in. When in potentially stressful situations – social situations, dating, making love,...