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deep work

Deep Work – Cal Newport | Catapult Your Success

We live in a world that is more awash with distraction than ever before. Our attention is constantly vied for by social media, email, advertising in all its myriad forms, 24-hour rolling news, an infinity of YouTube videos, Netflix series, and even old-school media forms such as newspapers, television and...

donald trump

Is Donald Trump Correct About Baldness?

Is Donald Trump Correct About Baldness? Donald Trump has gone to incredible lengths to hide his baldness. Comb-overs, comb-unders, comb-arounds… he has it all going on. His bouffant is a super-structure held together by billions of tiny pins and clips. Let’s just say it is lucky that he gets to...

The Escape Artist

The FI Life, With ‘The Escape Artist’

In this episode of the Good Life Guys, we interview Financial Independence blogger Barney Whiter aka The Escape Artist. Barney has been writing about financial independence, lifestyle optimization, philosophy, and psychology – with great humour and flair – on his blog since 2013. I (Stephen) discovered Barney’s blog in mid-2018 and devoured the whole thing over...

Russell Brand & Candace Owen

Russell Brand and Candace Owens – The Perils of High Intelligence

When a person has high intelligence they are often especially prone to denial and rationalisation. Highly-intelligent people tend to be able to convince themselves of anything, even untruths. Because they have such powerful brains highly intelligent people are good at coming up with arguments for positions that they want to...