What Is MGTOW?

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  1. Man Splainer says:

    Allow me to clarify MGTOW for you. You seem very confused.

    I’m the most fortunate man to have ever lived. Why? Because I understand female nature and feminist appropriation of masculine accomplishments (theft). Because I understand that women don’t want equality, but rather ‘equity’ (socialism). Because I understand that marriage is the legal and financial enslavement of men to women and her state husbandry (socialism/equity). Because I know that men built and maintained all upon the earth, not women. Because I recognize men’s lives were/are trafficked, exploited and disposed of in war for women’s safety and welfare (human sacrifice). Because I understand that feminism is the simple appropriation of masculine achievements (socialism). Because I understand Affirmative Consent and VAWA are feminist’s way of revoking men’s rights to presumption of innocence and due process. Because I understand no-fault divorce is feminist’s way (NAWL) of redistributing wealth and power from men to women and her state boyfriend through alimony, asset division and child support. Because I understand that MeToo is yet another attempt by feminists to brand masculinity as toxic by projecting women’s sins upon men – pretending that women don’t sell themselves to men through their sexuality – for the purposes of manipulating masculinity into that which better serves women and her state enforcers. Because I understand gynocentrism, courtly love, chivalry, male disposability and cultural misandry and know how they’re used to guilt and shame men (shaming language) into their own demise on women’s and her state father’s behalf (human sacrifice).

    I am truly the most fortunate man to have ever lived – because I understand the manipulative ways of women, her man-sacrificing state keeper and our misandric world. Feminists sparked women’s sexual revolution so that women could have sex like men – free and easy. Upon realizing women were losing money in the deal and that women were suffering as a result – feminists began to promote Amish feminism so that more women might be paid for sex through marriage, no-fault divorce, alimony, asset division and child support – which were all of course created by feminists for women’s appropriation of masculine accomplishments and men’s disposal (see NAWL).

    What do feminists and minority groups like blm and antifa promote? White hate, cop hate, masculinity hate, America hate, Constitution hate, borders hate and all desire but one thing: the appropriation of white male achievements (socialism/theft). Mass immigration into white male dominated nations is in fact the appropriation and colonization of white male accomplishments. Feminism is in fact the appropriation and colonization of masculine accomplishments. What’s the goal of minority groups like antifa/blm and feminists? Destruction of the patriarchy (the destruction of white male power and wealth). Feminists and minority groups like blm and antifa simply project their acts of sexism, appropriation, racism and colonization on to whites and males.

    Feminists aren’t men’s worst enemies – they’re women’s worst enemies. Minority groups like blm and antifa aren’t white’s worst enemies – they’re minorities worst enemies. Whites and males will simply deny the white haters and man haters their cooperation and support- as they’ve to some extent already done.

    So you see – MGTOW is very unlike feminism. MGTOW simply tell the truth – and that truth shall set men free.

  2. Scott says:

    MGTOW is not the equivalent of Feminism. Because of gynocentric society men are told masculinity in bad. Many women don’t appreciate what men have done or what we give in a relationship. Thus, they leverage a line of thirsty guys to demand special treatment, not equality. MGTOW is simply a philosophy that tells man you are the prize. Work hard, improve yourself in all ways, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and stop putting women and sex ahead of your own self. Final rule, never marry because it is a financial contract. Some MGTOW want nothing to do with women, some MGTOW want complete equity in relationships. It all depends on what the MAN wants not what society or women want.

  3. Jap says:

    Extreme hypergamy, gynocentrism, feminism, state favouring women, tremendous risks and costs vs few benefits for men, etc.

    Some men are just taking their own way, without hate, without resentment, just a rational reaction to a hostile environment and they are also trying to enlighten other men to be aware of the reality.

  4. Luc Depiere says:

    If you work hard your taxes go to feminists.

    • Josh says:

      You made the typical one note analysis of mgtow. Some mgtows are haters, lots are not. I suggest you take a serious look at huMAN on youtube, for an example of how thoughtful they can be. He does get harsh sometimes but not without reason.

      • admin says:

        I’m not saying all MGTOW are haters. Not all feminists are haters either. But the structures of the groups are set up for hate, separation, judgement of the other. Not positive. This generally leads to negative, hateful speech from those within the groups. Generally. Not always. If I at any point said always, I’m sorry, I take it back.

  5. Josh says:

    No problem. Perhaps you should consider the following…

    When a murderer or serial rapist in my country(UK) is caught and tried such as john worbuoys, there is a media circus, asking questions like ‘what are the pervasive attitudes in men that contribute to this?’ so feminist tinged attitudes seem to require collective male responsibility for the psychopathic minority. When a disgusting paedophile like Vanessa George is caught for abusing toddlers in a nursery, no one asks ‘what pervasive attitudes in web contribute to this?’ see the difference. In this women are treated as individuals, men are a monolithic danger. Guilty until proven innocent.

    • admin says:

      Hey Josh, Thanks for your comment. I am unaware of the cases you’re mentioning, but they seem in keeping with the general differences in how we treat men and women. I didn’t write the article in question so I can’t speak to Stephen’s thinking, but I imagine he thinks something similar to me: toxicity only breeds toxicity. The toxicity of third-wave feminism led to MGTOW. But MGTOW, in my eyes, is not a positive movement. It may have positive aspects. It may be positive for some men. But in my experience, it is generally negative. There is a lot of woman-hating within the MGTOW community. Inherent in the name is negativity. Ostracisation.

      Feminism was fucked from its very onset. Why? Because any movement that focuses on one group and pushes forward the agenda of just that group will never stop when equality is reached. Instead, such a movement will continue on, seeking more and more power, more and more rights, for its group – at some point this comes at the detriment of other groups. MGTOW was fucked from the onset for the very same reason.

      Instead of being a feminist or a MGTOW, be an egalitarian.

      I recommend checking out our ep entitled Paul Graham – Keeping Your Identity Small. There is great danger in attaching your identity to groups in general. We all do it, but minimizing this inherent shortcoming is advisable.

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