Meet Yasin

I’m a man, I think. And I think lots of other things too. Like you, I’m on a hunt for the Good Life and I constantly make discoveries that bring me closer to the elusive Eden on Earth. I want to share these discoveries with as many people as I can. From this place, the podcast and the blog were a natural progression for me. It’s somewhere I can reach many people, and work things through for others, and for myself.

We all battle with our own unique set of demons – often handed down to us by our parents. Each of us is on our own hero’s journey, but, sadly, many folks don’t ever become what they were meant to be, they get beaten by life, becoming lost and confused, defeated. Without guidance, we will struggle to stumble across the truth. A truth left untold by many self-help gurus. Self-help generally teaches a hoarder mindset: gather the right things and you will be happy. I’ve tried this again and again. But it doesn’t work.

Instead of gathering, we need to let go. We need to let go of pride, of ego, we need to let go of our sordid desires. We need to rid ourselves of pain and hurt, of resentment and jealousy, of our incessant need for validation. Let go of it all and just be. We were not meant for the complexities of modern society. It does not serve us as it should. Just look around you at the consumer culture. We are all gathering, gathering, gathering and becoming no happier because of it. Letting go may be the hardest thing you ever do. Which is why I want to help you.

Sometimes my writing is a little lofty, but I swear my life is far more modest and unassuming. Join me on this journey and together we can learn, love, laugh, and live the Good Life together!

Be well,


Yasin gesticulating while podcasting.