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Make Your Identity Small

Paul Graham – Keep Your Identity Small

Who Is Paul Graham? Paul Graham is an essayist, author, computer scientist, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. He is the co-founder of the influential startup accelerator company Y Combinator. Back in 2009, Paul Graham wrote a short and fascinating essay called ‘Keep Your Identity Small’. This snappy little piece of writing...

Hinge Matches

How To Get More Hinge Matches

Note: This is directed toward guys wanting more Hinge matches, but there is certainly lessons for the discerning women of Hinge out there. I’d advise taking what works and leaving the rest (I believe this to be a strategy worthy of implementation in every area of life). Also, this is...

Louis CK

Louis CK – Should We Forgive But Not Forget?

In late December 2018, the full audio of one of Louis CK’s first full-length comedy sets in over a year was leaked. Louis CK had not performed in public, apart from a few ‘secret’ short sets in small clubs, since he was accused of (and admitted to) sexual misconduct. In...

deep work

Deep Work – Cal Newport | Catapult Your Success

We live in a world that is more awash with distraction than ever before. Our attention is constantly vied for by social media, email, advertising in all its myriad forms, 24-hour rolling news, an infinity of YouTube videos, Netflix series, and even old-school media forms such as newspapers, television and...