Category: Financial Freedom

Redefining Success

Redefining Success – Young FI Guy

On this episode of The Good Life Guys Show/Podcast, we interview ace UK-based blogger Young FI Guy on redefining success. YFG has an excellent and super-informative blog on which he writes about many diverse topics. As a “weird ex-accountant” (his own words) he tends to lean towards topics that are...

The Escape Artist

The FI Life, With ‘The Escape Artist’

In this episode of the Good Life Guys, we interview Financial Independence blogger Barney Whiter aka The Escape Artist. Barney has been writing about financial independence, lifestyle optimization, philosophy, and psychology – with great humour and flair – on his blog since 2013. I (Stephen) discovered Barney’s blog in mid-2018 and devoured the whole thing over...

Achieving Financial Freedom

Achieving Financial Independence With DiverseFI.com

Doc G is a personal finance blogger and medical doctor from Chicago, Illinois. On his excellent blog DiverseFI.com he writes about personal finance, achieving financial independence, as well as about big life issues such as making your dreams come true, motivation, and how to be happy.   In this episode...