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The New Gillette Ad – We Believe: The Best Men Can Be

The new Gillette ad really caused a stir recently. Recently (January 2019) the giant shaving equipment manufacturer Gillette released a ‘short film’ called ‘We Believe: The Best Men Can Be’. It was essentially an advertisement for the Gillette brand. But it also laid claim to being a moral statement from...

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Is Donald Trump Correct About Baldness?

Is Donald Trump Correct About Baldness? Donald Trump has gone to incredible lengths to hide his baldness. Comb-overs, comb-unders, comb-arounds… he has it all going on. His bouffant is a super-structure held together by billions of tiny pins and clips. Let’s just say it is lucky that he gets to...

Beta Males

Attention Beta Males! Your Relationship Will Not Save You

A misleading narrative has been doing the rounds in mainstream culture for a few decades now. It’s fed to us constantly by pop music, sitcoms, and Hollywood movies. ‘There’s Something About Mary’, ‘500 Days of Summer’, and ‘Big Bang Theory’ are all based on it. The narrative is: nerdy beta...