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Does free will exist

Do We Have Free Will?

Before we begin to explore this question, it is essential to first discuss how and why we instinctively believe that we are creatures governed by free will. It is well known that our perceptions of the world are always at least partially inaccurate. Our senses do not need to be...

Make Your Identity Small

Paul Graham – Keep Your Identity Small

Who Is Paul Graham? Paul Graham is an essayist, author, computer scientist, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. He is the co-founder of the influential startup accelerator company Y Combinator. Back in 2009, Paul Graham wrote a short and fascinating essay called ‘Keep Your Identity Small’. This snappy little piece of writing...

Louis CK

Louis CK – Should We Forgive But Not Forget?

In late December 2018, the full audio of one of Louis CK’s first full-length comedy sets in over a year was leaked. Louis CK had not performed in public, apart from a few ‘secret’ short sets in small clubs, since he was accused of (and admitted to) sexual misconduct. In...

Russell Brand & Candace Owen

Russell Brand and Candace Owens – The Perils of High Intelligence

When a person has high intelligence they are often especially prone to denial and rationalisation. Highly-intelligent people tend to be able to convince themselves of anything, even untruths. Because they have such powerful brains highly intelligent people are good at coming up with arguments for positions that they want to...

Neuroticism and Self Help

Neuroticism and Self Help – a Marriage From Hell?

Neuroticism and Self-Help – a Marriage From Hell?   Neuroticism is a personality trait. And it’s not a particularly pleasant trait for those who experience a high level of it.   Neuroticism refers to a long-term tendency to be in a negative or anxious mood. People high in neuroticism tend...