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The Law of Refraction

The Law Of Refraction – When Truth Is NOT Where It Seems To Be

What Is Refraction? Refraction is a term in physics that refers to the change in direction of a wave when it passes from one medium to another. This phenomenon is most easily recognised in the case of light waves. Examples Of Refraction An example of refraction is when an object...

The Dog Philosophy

The Dog Philosophy – How To Ask For What You Want

Being a human can be a complicated business. We have wants, desires, needs and preferences. Many of these go unfulfilled. This is often due to our own inability to egolessly, shamelessly, and healthily ask for what we want. Human minds are complex and often clouded by self-doubt, unnecessary shame and...

9 Beliefs that will ruin your life

9 Beliefs That Will Ruin Your Life

The things we believe about the world, life, and ourselves have a giant impact on us. Certain beliefs help us to get on in life, to be happy and do well. While other beliefs hold us back, making us anxious, depressed and ineffective.   It is very helpful to weed...

You're Probably Wrong

You’re Probably Wrong About Lots of Things!

There’s so much valuable information to be learned when you approach the world with an open mind. When you are curious and willing to be wrong, wisdom accrues.   Too many of us are calcified into opinions that we defend with all our might. We have little interest in changing...


8 Ways to Be Less Self-Obsessed

Far too many of us are self-obsessed.   Self-obsession is an epidemic in the modern world. New technologies and the comfort of modern life give us too much opportunity for self-obsessing.   Self-obsession is a trap it’s all too easy to fall into. And it can bring us great harm....