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Making Passive Income

Making Passive Income (Tom Molyneux)

Passive income has become a buzz phrase in the online space, synonymous with easy living, exotic travel, enjoyably boss-less work, and freedom from obligation and stress. As with any concept or idea that is naturally appealing to a great many people, an industry has built up around it, selling advice...

Tracking Habits

Habit Tracking Makes You a Productivity GOD!!

If I could go back and change one thing to live the good life it’d be to make data collection and analysis a priority. I’m talking about analysing my life. I’m talking about habit tracking like its about to go out of fashion.. According to Pearson’s Law – when performance...

do we need the news

Rolf Dobelli – Do We Need The News?

The news is an ancient concept. Humans have been ingesting news hungrily since time immemorial. Knowing the lay of the land would have had obvious benefits to ancient, often nomadic, hunter-gatherer humans. A thirst for gossip and drama is an evolved feature of human beings. News In The Modern World...

How To Be Spontaneous

Amy Winehouse and Paolo Nutini Teach Us How to be Spontaneous

Paolo Nutini and Amy Winehouse have wonderful singing voices. Through their art, they touch people profoundly and stir deep emotions. Their singing connects to something deeper than words alone can. Winehouse and Nutini deliver obviously real and honest emotion from their own souls to the souls of those listening to...

Nature vs Nurture

Robert Plomin – Blueprint (the Nature Of Nurture)

Robert Plomin is a psychologist and behavioral geneticist at King’s College London and the president of the international Behavioural Genetics Association. He is one of the world’s leading experts in how genes affect human personalities. Plomin’s new book ‘Blueprint’ explains in fine (but admirably clear and digestible) detail the most...