What Is MGTOW?

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  1. Man Splainer says:

    Allow me to clarify MGTOW for you. You seem very confused.

    I’m the most fortunate man to have ever lived. Why? Because I understand female nature and feminist appropriation of masculine accomplishments (theft). Because I understand that women don’t want equality, but rather ‘equity’ (socialism). Because I understand that marriage is the legal and financial enslavement of men to women and her state husbandry (socialism/equity). Because I know that men built and maintained all upon the earth, not women. Because I recognize men’s lives were/are trafficked, exploited and disposed of in war for women’s safety and welfare (human sacrifice). Because I understand that feminism is the simple appropriation of masculine achievements (socialism). Because I understand Affirmative Consent and VAWA are feminist’s way of revoking men’s rights to presumption of innocence and due process. Because I understand no-fault divorce is feminist’s way (NAWL) of redistributing wealth and power from men to women and her state boyfriend through alimony, asset division and child support. Because I understand that MeToo is yet another attempt by feminists to brand masculinity as toxic by projecting women’s sins upon men – pretending that women don’t sell themselves to men through their sexuality – for the purposes of manipulating masculinity into that which better serves women and her state enforcers. Because I understand gynocentrism, courtly love, chivalry, male disposability and cultural misandry and know how they’re used to guilt and shame men (shaming language) into their own demise on women’s and her state father’s behalf (human sacrifice).

    I am truly the most fortunate man to have ever lived – because I understand the manipulative ways of women, her man-sacrificing state keeper and our misandric world. Feminists sparked women’s sexual revolution so that women could have sex like men – free and easy. Upon realizing women were losing money in the deal and that women were suffering as a result – feminists began to promote Amish feminism so that more women might be paid for sex through marriage, no-fault divorce, alimony, asset division and child support – which were all of course created by feminists for women’s appropriation of masculine accomplishments and men’s disposal (see NAWL).

    What do feminists and minority groups like blm and antifa promote? White hate, cop hate, masculinity hate, America hate, Constitution hate, borders hate and all desire but one thing: the appropriation of white male achievements (socialism/theft). Mass immigration into white male dominated nations is in fact the appropriation and colonization of white male accomplishments. Feminism is in fact the appropriation and colonization of masculine accomplishments. What’s the goal of minority groups like antifa/blm and feminists? Destruction of the patriarchy (the destruction of white male power and wealth). Feminists and minority groups like blm and antifa simply project their acts of sexism, appropriation, racism and colonization on to whites and males.

    Feminists aren’t men’s worst enemies – they’re women’s worst enemies. Minority groups like blm and antifa aren’t white’s worst enemies – they’re minorities worst enemies. Whites and males will simply deny the white haters and man haters their cooperation and support- as they’ve to some extent already done.

    So you see – MGTOW is very unlike feminism. MGTOW simply tell the truth – and that truth shall set men free.

  2. Scott says:

    MGTOW is not the equivalent of Feminism. Because of gynocentric society men are told masculinity in bad. Many women don’t appreciate what men have done or what we give in a relationship. Thus, they leverage a line of thirsty guys to demand special treatment, not equality. MGTOW is simply a philosophy that tells man you are the prize. Work hard, improve yourself in all ways, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and stop putting women and sex ahead of your own self. Final rule, never marry because it is a financial contract. Some MGTOW want nothing to do with women, some MGTOW want complete equity in relationships. It all depends on what the MAN wants not what society or women want.

  3. Jap says:

    Extreme hypergamy, gynocentrism, feminism, state favouring women, tremendous risks and costs vs few benefits for men, etc.

    Some men are just taking their own way, without hate, without resentment, just a rational reaction to a hostile environment and they are also trying to enlighten other men to be aware of the reality.

  4. Luc Depiere says:

    If you work hard your taxes go to feminists.

    • Josh says:

      You made the typical one note analysis of mgtow. Some mgtows are haters, lots are not. I suggest you take a serious look at huMAN on youtube, for an example of how thoughtful they can be. He does get harsh sometimes but not without reason.

      • admin says:

        I’m not saying all MGTOW are haters. Not all feminists are haters either. But the structures of the groups are set up for hate, separation, judgement of the other. Not positive. This generally leads to negative, hateful speech from those within the groups. Generally. Not always. If I at any point said always, I’m sorry, I take it back.

  5. Josh says:

    No problem. Perhaps you should consider the following…

    When a murderer or serial rapist in my country(UK) is caught and tried such as john worbuoys, there is a media circus, asking questions like ‘what are the pervasive attitudes in men that contribute to this?’ so feminist tinged attitudes seem to require collective male responsibility for the psychopathic minority. When a disgusting paedophile like Vanessa George is caught for abusing toddlers in a nursery, no one asks ‘what pervasive attitudes in web contribute to this?’ see the difference. In this women are treated as individuals, men are a monolithic danger. Guilty until proven innocent.

    • admin says:

      Hey Josh, Thanks for your comment. I am unaware of the cases you’re mentioning, but they seem in keeping with the general differences in how we treat men and women. I didn’t write the article in question so I can’t speak to Stephen’s thinking, but I imagine he thinks something similar to me: toxicity only breeds toxicity. The toxicity of third-wave feminism led to MGTOW. But MGTOW, in my eyes, is not a positive movement. It may have positive aspects. It may be positive for some men. But in my experience, it is generally negative. There is a lot of woman-hating within the MGTOW community. Inherent in the name is negativity. Ostracisation.

      Feminism was fucked from its very onset. Why? Because any movement that focuses on one group and pushes forward the agenda of just that group will never stop when equality is reached. Instead, such a movement will continue on, seeking more and more power, more and more rights, for its group – at some point this comes at the detriment of other groups. MGTOW was fucked from the onset for the very same reason.

      Instead of being a feminist or a MGTOW, be an egalitarian.

      I recommend checking out our ep entitled Paul Graham – Keeping Your Identity Small. There is great danger in attaching your identity to groups in general. We all do it, but minimizing this inherent shortcoming is advisable.

  6. A different thought says:

    The author seems to forget, or ignore that there is a huge group of young men who were born to parents who are now in their fifties and sixties. Lot of those young men have seen their parent split up, and in most of the cases, the father was at the short end in the divorce court. So these men are now wondering why they should take a chance of getting into a similar situation. With the divorce rates like 1 out of 2, marriage is like a gamble, and not a good one. There are quite a lot of young (and older men)that have gone (semi) mgtow, who are very successful in their lives in terms of career, friends and how they lead their lives. Women may not like it, but that is their issue. In part thanks to Metoo, best thing for young men is to stay single and look well after yourself.

  7. MGTOW Saves Lives says:

    MGTOW is definitely a lot safer now for many of us smart single men since Feminism is much worse than cancer as well. So many very Damaged women everywhere that are just real men haters today altogether since they really need to see a good Shrink too. Ops very sorry, there really is no help at all for you very troubled women nowadays. Been there unfortunately. Go MGTOW.

  8. MGTOW RULES says:

    MGTOW saves men’s lives today. And Feminism is much worse than Cancer.

    • If you think feminism is worse than cancer, then you’ve never seen your 11 year old child die of leukemia. I hope some day you die a slow and painful death from cancer. Even then, I fully expect you to blame it on some innocent woman. How about taking the full plunge by performing a self castration a la Heaven’s Gate or Boston Corbett?

      • admin says:

        Not sure where you got this from? I’ll say 2 things on this though:

        1) I used to be quite a bitter man regarding as I got burned a lot by people that called themselves ‘feminists’.
        2) We have to allow for jokes in life. Even jokes about cancer. My mum had throat cancer twice. But I still think there is space for this.

        You seem to have an awful lot of energy around this – what exactly do you disagree with from that ep?

  9. Brendan says:

    The existence of MGTOW alone makes the idea of patriarchy absurd. If white men have it so easy in society, why do so many white men think they are better off without it?

    The author claims that men and women naturally cooperate. I think this is only the case when both value raising children in a healthy family more than their own needs. If society no longer values reproduction and family, then men’s and women’s sexual drives no longer serve a purpose and these desires must become entirely selfish. The sexual act cannot be holy when it is treated simply as pleasure rather than the means by which the next generation is created. Without functioning gender roles and family at the center of focus in society, men and women can be nothing other than objects to each other, women sexual objects to men and men financial objects to women. The issue MGTOW has is that women’s selfish behavior is protected and encouraged and men’s desires are harshly punished.

    I would personally like to be able to start a family, but I think this is not likely to happen in the USA until either the laws change or the quality of women available goes way up. I don’t know that I’ll never find a suitable partner, but I know from experience that most women are better at creating problems than solving them and that they have the legal right to steal all my money or send me to prison whenever they want if I allow myself to be in a relationship with them. I don’t know that I can never have a healthy relationship, but I know that I could lose a lot if I go looking for one, and therefore I will be extremely cautious and maybe never marry in the USA.

  10. Truth Of All says:

    MGTOW has become a real lifesaver for many of us men today because of these very evil feminists women that are real men haters to begin with. And any single man that gets married today would certainly have to be very crazy to marry these kind of women now which they will have their lives destroyed by these very pathetic women too. Been there already.

  11. Jerald McClain says:

    The first guy went on and on about how “feminism” is “the appropriation of white male accomplishments” or whatever but let’s not forget that science has confirmed that AFRICA is the cradle of civilization, which means that Civilization was actually invented by Black men. I won’t get into “Black Lives Matter,” but personally, I think MGTOW and men taking “The Red Pill” is a good thing. YouTube is a very prominent source of videos on the topic, my personal favorites being MGTOW Darius and Coach Red Pill. #MeToo is nothing more than “feminism weaponized” against the opposite gender. All women should be heard, taken seriously but not necessarily “believed” without sufficient evidence. In the United States of America, it’s “innocent until PROVEN guilty” but with #MeToo, it’s the complete opposite. That is why we are MGTOW.

  12. Truth Of All says:

    This is the very excellent reason why so many of us men are still single today because of feminism. Very pathetic women nowadays are just real men haters since the great majority of these women are gay to begin with as well. God forbid just saying good morning or hello to a woman now for many of us men has really become very extremely dangerous too. This is why a lot of us good single men never met the right good normal woman from the beginning which they really are very much too blame. And notice that i said a normal woman which unfortunately they really don’t exist anymore these days since they will even Curse at us men too since i had this happened to me already, even when i never did anything wrong. Back in the old days it was a very different story since the great majority of the women were definitely Real Ladies and the very complete opposite of today altogether, which made love very easy to find at that time the way that our family members had it. It was just too very bad that many of us men that really wanted to find love and get married to have a family, which we had to be born in that time when many of us would’ve easily been settled down already with no trouble at all. But since most of these women are real losers to begin with today, MGTOW now is winning out and getting much stronger as time goes on since most men that are single now just like us will stay single altogether to avoid the pain and aggravation as well. MGTOW all the way.

  13. Truth Of All says:

    And just to add a little more truth to my comment, which i know a few other friends that were Cursed at by these women too. Most women aren’t like the good old days at all today unfortunately since they really have changed for the worst which really hurt our society real bad. And now with all these shows and the media today has really corrupted many of these women as well, adding to the problem.

  14. Mgtow Green Monk says:

    since 1998, ahead of the curve, I have been a MGTOW monk. I do not recognise MGTOW from your typical PC controlled perspective. There is no hate for women in the main (but the horror stories about how women destroy men and are rewarded with huge alimony payments and the injustice system makes you understandable why there is hate) For MGTOW, women, you see them but they mean nothing, like sand from the beach, they get everywhere but will they never influence your actions or lifestyle. They bring nothing to the table so what use are they? Unless your a blue bill or mangina who has no self-control and lusts after females, tell me what do women bring to the table? And most importantly MGTOW do not care one iota what women say, think or demand. We chsoe to live apart from them and mainstream society, if they just leave us alone we will just get on with our lives, it is women who challenge us and we do not care. If they are so all powerful and so superior to men in every way why the hell do they care about MGTOW because we sure as hell do not care about them. Self imposed gender segregation and self-control is the only future for any man who genuinely seeks to be happy, safe and free.

    • admin says:

      I disagree. Think you’re removing yourself from a great deal of beauty and joy. Since when is lusting after women exclusive to manginas? Women bring just as much to the proverbial table as men. You just got burned early on and now see them all the same way. I get this. I got burned a few years back. You can hear about how on the The Culture Wars are Upon Us ep we did recently. But the vast majority of violent crime is committed by men, but I don’t then think that all men are worthless and should be avoided.

  15. Quoju says:

    I am someone who has been on the fence for a long while about all of this. I am someone who has had some very devastating relationships and have been contemplating many things here. When I was in my 20’s and had nothing, all I ever wanted to do is find “true love”. I was willing to sacrifice myself for it. Unfortunately, not being the best-looking guy, this never happened. Now that I am in my 40’s, I question everything about American women, specifically. I see many men get wives from other countries where the mentality does not seem to be the same and have very happy lives. I have also seen so many lives get wrecked by divorce and living in an alimony state, I decided not to chance it without knowing someone for a long time and not with out a prenup. What is worse now is that I am finally giving up on love and the future so I am stuck standing in the middle of a barren landscape without a direction to go. I am tired of giving myself for the hurt, but I also want a love that shakes my soul to the core. I do agree 3rd wave feminism created a havoc and #metoo has turned into a shell of its former self. I cannot compliment a women in the workplace without awkwardness and possibly offending them, especially since I look more like Chris Farley than Chris Hemsworth. I have read a lot about MGTOW lately and the use of prostitution and short term relationships to fulfill certain needs. Is this the answer? How do I decide when my heart yearns for one thing and my mind knows it could lead me to my own demise?

    • admin says:

      My brother, it seems like you’re struggling a bit here. Rather than turning to prostitution, I’d look to become more attractive. Prostitution isn’t for someone like you – someone looking for a deep connection. Imagine being 90 and still only getting intimacy from someone you have to pay. That sounds horrendous. I wouldn’t buy the hype.

      Instead, work on becoming more attractive. Go to the gym, gain some muscle, gain resources, dress well and dinstinct, smell good, groom yourself, get your teeth done, get a tan, eat well, sleep well. From there it is all about character and putting yourself out there. But not in the soppy way it seems you have been doing it. I was the same as you in my early 20s. And I got burned. Women will tear apart weak men. People will tear apart weak people. So I would probably spend some time just dating so you work on being happy alone and not getting SOOO desperate for attachment as this kills attraction.

      I might be able to help you. Email at yasin@thegoodlifeguy.com if interested.

  16. Opting out says:

    When a young woman wants to study, work on her career, become successful, stay single and hang out with her independent friends, she is a feminist hero and praised by society. But when a young man does the same, he is seen as a man who hasn’t grown up, and society frowns upon single men. I read an article recently that successful career women hitting their thirties can’t find men of their academic/career “standards”. A little more research revealed that, in fact, there are a lot of men who are quite well off business wise, but have chosen not to marry, in fact avoiding women with a feminist attitude. Nice try ladies. The average western woman is not marriage material and marriage has become a financial contract that, if broken, is going to hurt men more than women. More men are taking notice and women don’t seem to like it. Remember men out there: A mistake avoided is a victory!

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